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Well, Manitoba is in election mode. Now, do any of you remember when we were all convinced that there was going to be an election in the Spring of this year. How foolish we all were. Today, I was looking over the budgetary estimates for my department, and had to decide if there was going to be an election before the end of April next year. I wasn’t sure, although I have that inclination.

Anyway, there are two other things that I wanted to mention, and that is that I really hope that the Manitoba Liberal Party can pull off a couple more seats in this election, and I’m going to be interested in seeing how the Liberal provincial vote changes, realizing of course that there is not a neccecary correlation between the provincial party performance and national performance, but it does prove as an indicator as to how the Liberal brand is showing.

Finally, Alanis Morrisette is hilarious.


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My Deepest Condolences

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There are times like these where you don’t really know what to think. Times like when I found out about the September 11th attacks, or the Columbine Shootings. This, coming on the heels of the Shooting at Virgina Tech, is one of those times.

Tim does raise some interesting points over at UBC Insiders, though.

I am, however, reminded of one thing, and that is the importance of a functioning campus safety and security network. I feel incredibly blessed that there are mechanisms on UBC’s campus that do their absolute best to help make this institution the safest possible. Our Blue Light Phones, for example, are a beacon, quite literally, of safety on campus. Campus security patrols too are important. But I think that the most important thing for development of a safe campus is Safewalk.

People rag on Safewalk all the time, especially at the yearly Safewalk service presentation to AMS Council. And there are some legitimate arguments – the cost per walk is often above thirty dollars. But they do more than just walk. They also patrol around campus, acting as students who we can count on. The Safewalk logo is the most recognizable brand on campus, and everyone knows who the people are in the red coats. So, yes, perhaps Safewalk costs a fair amount (mere pennies a student, by the way), but when faced with the choice that we see today, between 31 dollars or 31 lives, there’s no contest.

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A very bad thing…

(an act to amend the Canada Elections Act)

I am concerned.

What do you think?

More on this later.

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Nomination Watch!

It’s now on Wikipedia!

40th Canadian Federal Election Candidates

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