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It’s been a long time
Now I’m
Coming back home
I’ve been away now…

Well, it’s been a while, again. I realized that I have been blogging, in my long form Facebook posts. They aren’t as in depth as the things I used to post here, but in the interest of keeping up the blog, I’ll be posting some of them here. To that end…

Ontario, Quebec sign deals on electricity, climate change

I’m a provincial autonomy and Section 92 kind of guy. I believe in the benefits of a decentralized federation. I think that there is much to be gained by allowing provinces to experiment with how they are going to fulfil their constitutional mandates. But things like this deal between Quebec and Ontario, and like organizations such as the New West Trade Partnership Agreement, illustrate to me a shocking lack of leadership on the federal level on things that the federal government is empowered to and best equipped to tackle.

Canada needs an honest and engaged broker at the federal level. It needs someone who can take the intentions of the provinces and coordinate them into something productive and useful: A National Grid, a national deal on Climate Change and Carbon Pricing, a deal on internal trade, proper management of water, better management of national rail networks, changes to agriculture supply management…

It’s 7:01am in Ottawa. Only 326 days to go until polls open.


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