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Fire in the Eyes

I tend to wax poetic at times, and this is probably one of them. I find myself, as we roll full steam ahead, into Super Weekend, thinking of the first days of the campaign. Specifically, June 1st, the day of the Calgary-Nose Hill Lobster Dinner, and the first time Stéphane visited this province since the Alberta Convention. It was also the first time that I had met with him since I joined the campaign.

There are moments that you can look back upon, and know that you have made the right choice. Mine was in a basement in Okotoks. In the Solar Community of Drake Landing, Stéphane watched with rapt attention as the low impact community was explained. You could see the passion in his eyes. I knew, then, that he was the right person to lead this party, and this country. He has something that I think is unequaled – a vision for this country. He has shown that he can be committed to the nitty-gritty of retail politics, the glad-handing and backyard BBQs that are essential staples of a campaign, but retain the great policy that has defined his time in government.

Dion believes what he says. He cares what happens to this globe and to this nation. It is not a desire for power that drives him, but a calling to do the greater good. He wants to, as his website espouses, to “rekindle the great Canadian sense of purpose”.

It is his vision, that guiding principal that leads the campaign, that has the potential to inspire Liberals and Canadians, which has allowed our campaign to gain so much momentum. It is this man who has the skill, the drive and the ideas to lead our nation into the future.


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So, Mr. Robert Rae, you appear to be conflicted. You donated to NDP candidates in the past election. While myself and thousands of other Liberal volunteers were out knocking on doors, you were funding those who were working against us. What kind of person, a supposed leader of a party, would have the gall to support someone else and just moments later turn around and ask to lead us. What makes us more worth of your attention now, Mr. Rae, than back in the election? To be quite honest, I was warming up to you, but when I think of the times that I went out doorknocking in pouring rain or freezing cold, to know that you were supporting the NDP, it deeply concerns me that you could be the next leader of this party. You said at an event in Vancouver, to our faces, to people who had just lost an election, many of whom lost to the NDP, that you had been done with that party for a long time. Well, I suppose that Einstein was right, and that time really is relativistic, but, really, I don’t think that you can really say that a couple of months is a long time. Will you, come next tax season, be cashing those pretty, orange coloured tax receipts if you become Liberal leader? Wouldn’t that leave you with a bit of an upset stomach?

On a somewhat unrelated note, people need to stop beating up on good Liberals. Here, I am speaking specifically of Joe Volpe. Should he be our leader? I don’t really think so. However, he has been a dedicated MP for years, and a good voice for Liberal principals. He has worked for the party, and for our causes, in every election in my lifetime, and I see no reason why people have to be so disgustingly rude to him. Yes, he has made mistakes. His staff probably made most of them for him, but the point remains that he has not been a bad representative of his constituents, or a bad cabinet minister, or, for that matter, a bad Liberal. (Not that I’m saying that Bob Rae has been a bad Liberal – he just hasn’t been a Liberal at all.) So lay off Volpe. Whatever mistakes he’s made, he has still proven himself to be dedicated to the cause.

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My Condolences

I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blogging community as of late – things have been too busy with preparations for DSMs and the F6 cutoff – regularly scheduled programming should resume next week. But, something happened yesterday that I wanted to comment on.

I live on the campus of UBC. This is about 4500 km away from Dawson College, but the events there yesterday resonate across this country. It was a somber moment yesterday in our AMS Council when our President informed those councilors who had not yet heard of this horrific news. When something strikes so close to home – when an attack of this nature happens on campus, it elicits gasps from the people sitting around our council table.

I wanted to say that my heart goes out to those effected by yesterdays shooting. To those wounded, and the four who were killed, I would like to offer my most sincere condolences. I know it doesn’t mean much, but students across this country stand with you through this dark time.

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