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Project MEGA-POLL!

Well, I seem to be falling behind in these movies, so if I’m ever going to get them done before the DEMs, I have to step it up a bit. Also, what have people thought about the movies so far? I’d love some feedback.

What should Carolyn Bennet’s theme song be?
All I Need is the Air that I Breathe – The Hollies
Anything You Can Do – Ethel Merman
Bad Case of Loving You – Robert Palmer
RESPECT – Aretha Franklin
I’m Not Down – Thea Gilmore
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What should Martha Hall Findlay’s theme song be?
Love is All Around – Mary Tyler Moore Theme
Afternoon Delight – Starlight Vocal Band
How Does It Feel – Avril Lavigne
500 Miles – Kooba
Making It Work – Doug and the Slugs
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What should Ken Dryden’s theme song be?
I Wanna be Sedated – The Ramones
He Ain’t Heavy – The Hollies
I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles
Ruby Blue – Roisin Murphy
Something to It – Great Big Sea
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Finally, the next candidates that are coming up for nomination are Scott Brison and Joe Volpe.


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Apparently, in a community in the capital of Washington state, Olympia, the raccoons have become murderous. They are now, for no particular reason, swarming and murdering housecats. They are not eating them, just killing them. Apparently, for fun, and under the lead of one monster raccoon. All I can say is that the Harpers will probably not be making any trips to Olympia anytime soon. On the actual topic of the kitten adoptions, I think the SPCA is a great cause, and it also is nice to see that our Great Leader is Human Like, in some respects.

So, I was browsing the internet yesterday, as I am wont to do, and I stumbled across this ad. Now, I think I might have unlocked the secret of Steven Harper’s electoral success. Which is why we need this type of thing for the Liberals – especially with new leader JOE VOLPE (which ktr seems to think is leading in Alberta – the answer is no). This is how we’re going to reach out to youth. Just a side note – why the hell is the cell phone bars (which one might think indicate performance) higher on the “Could be better” option than on the “Good” option. Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy the future of Liberal party e-campaigning…

And, somewhat more disturbingly…

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Turn Down the Stupid

I’ve noticed a bit of a double standard in the blogosphere recently, regarding the projection of the views of a supporter onto his candidate.

Now, whether the candidate be Dion, Ignatieff, or Kennedy, they cannot be held responsible for the views of the people who they support them, unless that person is specifically authorized to speak on behalf of a candidate. For example, Kennedy cannot be held responsible for the views of some crazy blogger, or an MP who was speaking his mind. If it were somebody like Coco Lefoka, Kennedy’s national youth director, then you can treat that as coming from the mouth of the candidate, because Coco works for the campaign. If it were, I don’t know, some random Anti-Semitic blogger, then it cannot reflect on the candidate in the same way. That person could have very well declared for one of the other nine candidates in the race.

It is unfair to characterize people by the views of their supporters – this is unacceptable, and should not be tolerated. It is a dirty way to campaign, and it is a disgrace that somebody would try to paint Kennedy with the slime that one of his supporters oozes. The same holds true for Ignatieff – the fact that some social conservative MPs within our caucus support him should not reflect badly on him. Nor should the support of David Orchard on Stephane Dion. There was no deal, and I notice that some of the same people who are defending Kennedy are the same ones that attacked Stephane. I would do neither, and would hope that people realize the double standard to which they are holding the candidates. Candidates must be judged on their own merits, or lack thereof, and not by the unlicensed and unsolicited statements of their supporters.

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Well, some people continue to say that I’m being unfairly hard on Gerard Kennedy. To them I want to say two things. First, these leadership videos are supposed to be funny, not political, so that for around 52 seconds you can suspend internal partisanship, and laugh at the candidate in the video. Can somebody really claim that “Vampire Raptor” is a valid criticism of Mr. Kennedy. NO, it is, of course, not. IT is, as I have said before, FUNNY. So, knee jerk Kennedites who think this is a personal attack, lighten up – I actually thought this was about on par with my Hedy Video. Rest assured, my video on Dion, Brison, Bennett or Hall-Findlay, candidates I am rather fond of, will be equally harsh, because, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be FUNNY. Yeah, I poke fun at statements like “Weapons of Mass Inclusion”, or the fact that “Doing politics differently” is the slogan of both the Kennedy and Campbell campaigns, but, I always tried to make them not to harsh and generally positive, and I end each video with a “X for Liberal Leader” banner, with, what I thought is a nice picture (And so must the Kennedy people, I got it from their website).

Now, on Mr. Kennedy himself, I have made it fairly clear in the past that I wasn’t really a fan of him. However, I have to say (and this is going to sound like a strange statement), that I’m not liking him less now. It’s positive movement, so take what you can get. He’s made some strides, and, while the last time I saw him was a little weird, (at a Regina event where we couldn’t find him when he was introduced – “Where’s Gerard?” “Over there, behind the plants.”) he’s actually coming up in the world. Will he be my second choice? Probably not, but, as with any leader, I would be happy to stand behind them in the leadership of this great party.

John Hume said something about the struggle for peace in Ireland which I find particularly appropriate here:

There is no real invader here – we are all [Liberals], in all our different kinds of ways. We must not now, or ever in the future, show anything to each other except tolerance, forbearance, and neighborly love…

We are in a leadership campaign, so attacks are inevitable (except from Bob Rae of course, who continues to not attack other candidates), but at the end of this convention, we must all stand united, behind the leader that we choose on the final ballot. If it is Kennedy, I will be there, just as I will be there if it is Dion, or Ignatieff, or Brison. This is our party, and while divisions, by default, exist now, they must not in the future. As a poster commented recently, Stephen Harper is the real enemy here.

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Finally, the second in a series of (currently) ten, Mr. Gerard Kennedy and his fabulous hairshirt in their quest for the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. You voted for the song…

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Just felt like letting the blogosphere know that Stephane Dion’s Alberta Website, www.dionalberta.ca, is up and running. Please check it out to see what is going on in our province with the Dion campaign.


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Non-quantum Endorsements

First, let me begin by saying, “The David Orchard Endorsement of Stephane Dion is a Good Thing”. David orchard may not necessarily share Liberal values 100%, but his support is, by and large, a boon to this party. I do, by the way, mean the Party, and not just Dion, although the benefit to Stephane Dion cannot be underestimated. As others have said, there is absolutely no credibility in projecting the views of an endorser onto an endorsee. David Orchard can be no exception to this rule. If some people (and here I think of Missasauga Peter) think that Orchard endorsing Dion changes Dion, somebody is assuming quite a bit.

There are two unshakable truths that must be remembered here. The first is that there is, unlike the Tory Convention, there is no deal here. There is nothing but the acceptance of support from Mr. Orchard. Mr. Orchard supports Mr. Dion. Mr. Dion accepts Mr. Orchards support. There is no offer from Dion to Orchard. There is no Deal.

The other truth that we have to realize is the fact that Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal only applies at a quantum level. Huh, you ask? Well, you know the rule that says you change something by observing it. Well, there is no political equivalent. You don’t change things by supporting them. This should be obvious, but by the amount of blogs that want to project the beliefs of Orchard onto Dion, this clearly needed clarification.

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