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I’ve been pretty upset by some of the events unfolding in Toronto.  As with all of these protests, there are bad things committed on both sides that I abhor.  I congratulate every protester and police officer who did not go beyond rational actions and kept their cool.  I wasn’t there, I’m receiving all of my information from people on the scene as well as numerous news outlets.

My concern is on the powers handed down to enforce the peace.  I agree that this is the kind of event where special powers must be employed, but the powers in question go too far.

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Five Pillars?

I’m starting a bit of a contest, name my link dump!  I’ve heard Five For Fighting, Morning Brew, Morning Dig, Thirty Thoughts etcetera, I need a name for my semi-frequent link dump.

Ok, so here goes, after another hiatus, we’re back on track.  I’ve got a few things I’ve collected in the past couple of days to share with you all, and I promise not to mention the Liberal/NDP merger idea that won’t die.

1.  Jim Travers, you are my hero.

Jim offers us a series of facts about the state of our democracy.  It’s a fantastic read and a quick one at that, and one to make anyone mad.  I have a friend who regularly says if this government ends the CBC, he’ll burn down Parliament, it’s after reading things like this that I tend to think he’s onto something.

2.  Apparently the mounties are one step closer to being able to unionize. It’s about time, every other major police force is unionized, the old argument of not allowing them to unionize for national security purposes is outdated and ridiculous, it’s not treason to ask for a union, and it’s not treason to ask to be treated fairly.

3.  FightHST has released it’s hit list of MLA’s to recall.  Looking forward to a lively fall/winter period now, with defections already begun, and impending threats of recall, the future of this provincial government is looking more than a little interesting!

4.  I cannot agree more. It may be a news article about the state of the cellular network in the US, but it is every bit as applicable now as then.  We are drowning in our own lack of regulation of this industry, we’ve allowed an oligopoly, now we need to do something about it.  I hope Wind is enough to break some of that, and moves like Apple’s move to unlock it’s iPhones in Canada can only pile on.   Which brings me to a shameless political plug…

5.  The NDP wants to free our cell phones. Not only do they want it, they’ve tabled the bill in the house.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this and posting more on it as it develops, it is potentially a huge step forward, and we can only hope they get the job done.  Here is a link to the website Don’t Lock My Freedom, there you can sign the petition, contact your MP, join the facebook group and more.  This is a badly needed law, and I’m glad someone is standing up to Make Parliament Work! ™ oh wait, is that still the slogan or am I out of date?  I really should check with party central more often on these things.

See you all in a couple of days!

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