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My Choice for Second

It has been a very interesting month. People continue to ask me who my second choice will be. To be honest, I don’t think I will need one – Stephane will be on the final ballot. So, it’s not my second choice that I’m sharing with you, but my choice for second.

I do, out of the top four , have a choice for second. I reiterate that this is not a second choice, mind you, but a choice for second. There is somebody who I think will be able to bring renewal to the party, and while he is not ready to be leader, he should have a very important important role in the new government. He does not present himself as new, while doing the same old things. He represents somebody, who, as an Ontario Lieutenant for Stephane Dion, will serve as an excellent deputy Prime Minister. I don’t take back what I have said about this person, as it was true at the time. Most of it is still true now. However, he has begun to mature during this campaign. He will not be my choice for leader. But he is my choice for second in command, where he can hone his skills for a future leadership bid, and help the country develop under a Dion government. This man is named Gerard Kennedy.

I know it seems shallow that I would be doing this after the super weekends, but this is actually a decision that I made after the Vancouver debates. Kennedy has begun to present himself in a manner that becomes a politician, and will help a Dion government immensely. These two, Dion and Kennedy, represent the future of the Liberal party as a party of dynamic personalities that can lead this nation well.


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The BQ in a Box

In the words of Rick Mercer “I have been a bad blogger”. This past month has been busy and stressful, and has taken me away from my computer. That said, I’m back, having finished a swack of midterms and projects, and now am simply embroiled in that long, slow tailspin towards final exams and convention (which, incidentally, are the same time).

So, a bit of a news roundup:

I have been reevaluating things a little recently, especially after the Toronto debate. Basically, Kennedy and Rae have risen in my books, and Iggy has fallen. It’s frankly a little disappointing to see, but I really thought Ignatieff would have been a good leader – at this point, I’m really not so sure.

Is Quebec a nation? This is a funny question, and I think that Martha Hall-Findlay answered it best. Quebec is not a nation, mais Quebec est un nation. Nation, as a word, implies different things in English and French, and, us being in this fabulously bilingual country of ours, makes direct translation difficult and confusing. Another thing worth noting is that the academic definition of Nation in English is different from the commonly used definition, which is in essence, synonymous with country. The academic version is much closer to the French definition.

Now, the fact that this question is being asked worries me immensely. Not because I am afraid of the answer, but because the process of answering that question is bitter and divisive; that trail is littered with political corpses. I do not want the Liberal Party to be one of the fallen, and I feel that we are venturing into very dangerous waters.

Continuing the theme of mixing metaphors, this constitutional issue is the Quebecois version of Pandora’s Box. It is not essential for this question to be addressed, and the fact that we are looking at it, and saying “if we don’t recognize Quebec as a nation, it will be upset” creates a self fulfilling prophecy. We will polarize Quebec against us, and ignite the fires of nationalism once again. So, what is going to be coming out of Pandora’s Box? I, personally, think it will be the BQ taking even more seats in Quebec.

Stephane Dion has said that “Canada is a country that works in practice but not in theory”. We do not need to go delving into things that will simply disrupt our unlikely union. Canada is strong, but we are strong because we do not know that we should be weak. I just worry that this road will lead us to a final state where Quebec is a nation in the English sense of the word. And nobody but the separatists wants that.

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