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A Bizarre Collision

Today,at the UBC Board of Governors retreat, Stephen Owen was ratified as the new Vice President of External and Community Relations at the University of British Columbia. Effective July 27th, 2007, Mr. Owen will no longer be the MP for Vancouver Quadra, and the race to succeed him will (if it hasn’t already) begin. Stephen Owen was the first man I ever cast a ballot for, and I hope he will do as well in his new job as he had in his old one. I have faith in his ability to seperate partisanship from practise, as I couldn’t very well do my job in good concience if I did not beleive that people have that capacity. Stephen is incredibly well respected on the Hill, and I do have faith that he will be a good representative of UBC in all his capacities.

So, who is in the race to succeed Owen?
Becca Coad, NDP
Joyce Murray, Liberal
Dan Grice, Green
Deborah Meridith or
Mary McNeil, Conservative

What am I doing about it? Well, the one promise I will make is that I will try my absolute damnedest to make Post Secondary Education the Number One ballot issue of this election. The Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation is coming up for renewal, and it is imperative that it be renewed.

So, why the title? It’s just not often that Liberal and Student politics intertwine in such a clear way.


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