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So, Ségolène Royal has been places that she does not have any right to say. Imagine what a disaster of diplomacy it would be if Stéphane Dion or Stephen Harper decided that they agreed with the Basque separatist movement. I wonder if Andre Boisclaire agrees with the cause of that oppressed people. She has no right to interfere in a internal dispute in a nation that she has no connection to, other than that of language – but, if thats the criteria, I’d much rather see her in Algeria or Belgium. Those make a little more sense – they’re closer.

Thats said, aside from her unwarranted interference in the sovereignty dispute, she is not the candidate for France. Socialism does not work, and it would make far more sense for the nation (or is it state – after all, France isn’t a homogeneous bloc either) to elect someone more to the right, who will help curb the unemployment and massive welfare system in France. A focus on individual rights is necessary, and man for the job is a pragmatist, and nominee from the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy.


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We’ve Moved!

So, the move took far longer than I had originally planned, and I still have some things to work out with the Sitemeter and TTLB, but now the new home of Naylor’s Take is going to be http://www.counterclockwise.ca. It’s Leftward Spin!

Corey and I here at Counterclockwise welcome you to our site, and promise to update often.

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