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Jack is poised to give a press conference on his “personal status and immediate future as NDP leader.”  CBC’s Rosemary Barton is saying he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, if true, it is said it is treatable, but will require him to take time for rest away from work.

I will be updating as more news becomes available.

10:55am: Edit:  Confirmations from various sources are saying prostate cancer.  Waiting to hear from him in about five minutes.

11:01am: CBC/CTV announcing he will be stepping down temporarily for rest and

11:03: Karl Belanger just announced Jack to come on stage.  Jack will not be taking questions, but is smiling and says he’ll be fighting prostate cancer just like his dad did many decades ago.

11:05; Not stepping down, wants to get to work for working Canadians, and will be spending the prorogation period watching olympics and bed resting.  Interestingly, he did not mention proroguing or take a cheap political shot, he simply said he’d watch the olympics and be inspired by the courage and determination of our athletes.

And it’s all over.  Jack was happy, upbeat and plans to fight through this, it’s apparently quite treatable, and he should be back up and running fairly soon.

I mentioned the announcement to a politico friend of mine who, on the possibility of him stepping down said “his timing couldn’t be much worse.”  And thankfully for Jack, he appears to have teh situation in hand, has already begun treatment and will be carrying on.


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