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This article from the London Free Press clearly demonstrates everything that is wrong with my Country.

What is wrong is Stephen Harper.

I am not a rabid partisan; I have admired candidates in all parties throughout Canada’s history. My favourite Canadian politician is Joe Clark. I have partisan affiliation, but it is just how I engage in the democratic process. I have friends in all parties; my blogging partner is a card carrying member of a different party than myself.

It is when you begin to discriminate based on assumed partisan affiliation that I get worried.

It is when you act blatantly in contempt of parliament that I get worried.

I am a big fan of democracy. My father gets really worked up over a lot of the things this government legislates; I give it a bit of a pass because it is how the system works. They won a plurality of seats, so they get to legislate within the confines of what Parliament will allow.

It’s when they interfere with peoples ability to engage in politics and when they interfere in democratic processes that I lose my temper.

When they kill a bill in the Senate that was passed in the house, without even the decency of a debate, I get mad.

When they prorogue parliament, an act described by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow as something you do in third world dictatorships, I get mad.

And it’s when you turn to two 19 year old girls trying to see politics first hand and tell them that because they have a picture of them associating with the wrong political party on their facebook pages, they cannot attend an event to see the Prime Minister, is when I get really angry.

This government needs to lose.

The two girls signed up on the tory webpage to attend the rally. Apparently you have to do that now, which is a little problematic in itself. They showed up and were told that the Conservatives had actually gone so far as to vet their facebook pages for party purity and they didn’t pass. Because of that,  they couldn’t see the rally.

They also turned to a man who arrived, registered and put on a Conservative lapel pin, who had a SIGN ON HIS LAWN for the Conservative party, that he couldn’t attend the event.

What was his crime? He had a bumper sticker that read “Don’t Blame Me, I voted NDP.”

Needless to say, he has taken down the Tory sign and put up a different one.

The media get to ask Harper a mere 5 questions a day. His events are staged, you have to have party purity to even see him in person. His campaign ads? All just blind attack ads, which attack a party disingenuously and attack a man unfairly.

While in government, they have been found in contempt of parliament, something no government has been before. They single handedly ruined any sense of bi-partisanship. They actively discourage their MP’s from so much as talking to the other parties.

I’m sick of ‘us vs. them’, I’m sick of win at all cost politics. I’m sick of a party and government that hate everything that isn’t uniformly Tory Blue.

The girls told the person throwing them out that they’ve “never voted in a federal election before, we just repeated we were only there to listen.”

We’re not allowed to do that in Canada anymore. We’re not allowed to go to the parties, listen to what they say and form our own opinions.

I don’t want that in Canada.

It’s time for it to stop. Vote for anyone in this election, just don’t vote for the people that stopped two 19 year old girls from engaging in politics. Don’t vote for the party that refuses to allow people to listen and form their own opinions.


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