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2010: That’s a Wrap

Well, I should post rather soon, lest I be forced to buy copious amounts of alcohol.  This is perhaps the best deal possible, at least if one of us forgets to update, the other gets a free drunk on.

It’s been an eventful year, for me and for the world.



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I am a big fan of Strange Maps, a blog which … do you really need an explanation? They recently posted a pair of maps detailing what comes up as the autocomplete when you type in the name of each US State and each Chinese Province. Not wanting my home and native land left out, I present to you the Canadian Confederation of Autocomplete.

Herein, it seems that we really do love our government, or at least our Crown Corporations. One is a indy band, another refers to the weather, two for sports teams, and disappointingly for NWT and Quebec, two for general geographic features. In the case of NWT, apparently the most commonly searched thing about it is the fact that it has geography. I’d been gunning for diamonds.

In blog admin news, Pat and I have reached a new pact for the blog, one that will ensure that there will be a post at least every two days, or that one or the other of us is going to be getting drunk.

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