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The Calgary Glenmore nomination race is, apparently, actually a race now, with former candidate Avalon Roberts throwing her hat into the ring against Liberal activist and Calgary entrepreneur Corey Hogan (Twitter, Facebook).

Avalon is a dedicated Liberal, and exactly the person that the party needs within it’s ranks, but I think that Corey is the only person who has a hope of taking down the Conservative machine that has had a stranglehold on the riding for many, many years.

In a by-election, the only thing that matters is the ground game – pulling masses of inert supporters out to the polls. This is why the Liberals generally are going to have a better chance to win in by-elections in Alberta than in general elections. If you take a look at the recent by-election and general election results in Calgary Elbow, a higher turnout benefited the Conservatives. There is no air war to distract from the local issues, so this is going to be about the ability to connect with the community.

Corey Hogan has a strong team behind him, including a number of well known individuals from within the Liberal party. He knows how to run campaigns, and will be able to put together the right type of canvass strategy to connect with the people of the riding and get the identified Liberals out to vote. He has created an e-buzz amongst some popular Alberta and national blogs. He will be committed to the campaign, and will run one that actually has a chance to put this riding in the Liberal column.

Avalon has run before, and certainly has some support amongst the party members in the riding, but my fear is that she will be unable to do what is necessary to win, instead doing what she always does, and come in a disappointing second.

Diane Colley-Urquhart is a weak candidate, an Alderman who has been part of a toxic City Council. Either one of the Liberal candidates would be better than the PC candidate, and with Paul Hinman carrying the standard for the Wild Rose Alliance, there is a real chance that a right wing split could allow the Liberal to carry the day. As a party, we owe it to ourselves to choose the candidate best equipped to win.

That candidate is Corey Hogan.

If you live in the riding, remember to by your membership by June 18th, and vote in the nomination meeting on the 22nd of June. If you do not live a riding, please consider making a donation to the Committee to Elect Corey Hogan.


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