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This post is not about the death of Michael Jackson, nor Farrah Fawcett, though I’m sure they are important issues (or so says the sheer quantity of facebook and twitter updates).  This post is not about Ed McMahon, nor is it about Romeo Leblanc (though I do think we should take a look back at Mr. Leblanc’s life, if for no other reason than to better view our modern history as a nation).  This post is also not about Iran, though it is curious to note how quickly the facebook dedications to the plight of Iranian protesters turned into “ZOMG THRILLER MJ IS DEAD!!!1!oneone!!” posts.  That is an entirely greater social ADHD issue that I won’t get into now, but is curious nonetheless.

This post is also not about certain labour disputes in Toronto, as I understand Mr. Kinsella is all over that one.  This post is also not about Ms. Raitt and her propensity to speak into microphones, nor her ability to forget documents in board rooms of major news networks. Nor will this post be about the goal of a seventh Canadian NHL hockey team, though I wish Mr. Balsillie luck in bringing in the Hamilton Steelheads. I will also not be speaking about a certain provincial government (which my new blogging partner supports) and their ability to delete all email records over a four year period that related directly to an ongoing criminal investigation and all around shady sale of public property, though that is also quite the good read, and highly recommended.

So what is this post about?  Actually, I hadn’t really thought about it.  I’ll have to come back after my vacation this weekend and see what’s major news then, who knows, maybe it will involve William Shatner.


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