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Coming to you live from the Braeside Community Centre, the Calgary Glenmore nomination contest between Corey Hogan and Avalon Roberts.

7:30 – A cavalcade of sign waving Corey Hogan supporters enter the room chanting “We believe in Hogan, We believe in Swann” and disperse into the surprisingly crowded room. I would say that there are well over a hundred people in the room. It’s definitely a higher turnout that people expected, as they had to keep bringing out more and more chairs.

7:35 – Registration closes. The die is cast. As soon as the candidates do their speeches, the voting will begin.

7:39 – Nothing much happening right now. I do notice that MLAs Kent Hehr and Dave Taylor are here, standing over near the refreshment table. Both of them are Hogan supporters, and were on top of the Hogan material that was left all over the chairs. I have to say that the Hogan political machine is impressive to the point of being overwhelming – there are signs, buttons and a billion and one posters that are stuck on the walls. By comparison, Avalon had a word processed letter and a large sign featuring a giant Martin era Federal Liberal logo.

7:43 – Nothing happening yet… Someone in the crowd starts clapping in hopes that it will get the meeting to start.

7:44 – Apparently it worked. John Roggaveen takes the stage and the meeting begins. He gives an overview of the voting procedure. The total number of registered people was 201, 100 ballots were distributed. I don’t really get this, but c’est la vie.

7:47 – The nominator and seconder for Dr. Avalon Roberts have come forward. Avalon has accepted.

7:48 – Now is the Hogan nominator’s turn. Corey had his father nominate him, which  is a nice thing for father’s day. Candidates now have 15 minutes to speak. The coin toss was won by Avalon, even though the chair ended up dropping the coin.

7:50 – The Avalon Nominator is up. We apparently have a nominator who can speak for the rest of the people of Alberta. The lead in here is to Health Care, which Avalon is more qualified to speak on than Corey, by virtue of having been involved in health advocacy for years.

7:52 – The seconder speaks. I would call her speech somewhat… robotic, but more informative than the first, giving a bit of the history of her candidate.

7:53 – Corey’s nominator’s are up now. Dr. David Hogan gives some of his son’s history, growing up in Alberta, and wanting to be PM when he was a kid.

7:55 – The seconder speaks, briefly noting that cores is “110% Liberal”.

7:56 – Dr. Roberts. I don’t know the lyrics of the song, but it’s be a good one for her if she wins. The chorus, at least.

7:57 – Avalon talks about how this is the largest nomination meeting she’s ever seen, and goes on to talk about the need to forge links with business.

7:58 – She’s talking about PSE. She wants to reduce tuition rates and cap them, and wanted to create an educational endowment fund.

7:59 – Health care – I won’t go much into this, aside to say that she is eloquent, knowledgeable and articulate on this topic. I do like “The conservatives like to talk about reform when they really mean reaction”.

8:01 – She also wants to make sure that the “PharmAbuse” program is ended. There is a fair amount of technical talk here, but it does make sense.

8:02 – Cancel the Superboard! WOOO!

“We have endured three re-disorganizations of health care”

8:04 – Talking about the foolish quotes by Iris Evans, and how mental illness is not caused by education. However, she mentioned that this all covered up the fact that Evans was there to beg for operating loans for the provincial government.

8:06 – Why should we vote for Avalon? I have been in the public system my entire life. I have learned the ropes during campaigns. I have the energy to do this, and have connections in the community.

8:07 – Applause!

8:08 – Corey takes the stage, and wants to tell people why he’s running. I feel that the best way that I can build a better Alberta is to run.

8:09 – Beating up on the Tories.

“It’s disgraceful that the same people that we buy peppers and onions from are the people that we have to rely on for proper health care.”

8:10 – Bill 44 – It’s ridiculous that we’ve made education optional.

8:10 – They pit the economy against the environment, the middle class against the lower class, urban against rural. They devide, but we can conquer.

8:11 – Talking about the reasons why he would be a better candidate than Avalon, mentioning that only in Calgary Glenmore and one other riding did the Liberal vote decline between 2004 and 2008.

“I’ll be hitting the doors tomorrow if you elect me today.”

8:14 – More about campaigning skills. Corey has defiantly built more applause lines in his speech.

8:15 – Voting begins. More in a half hour…. Oh, wait. They can’t find the ballot box. OK, they’ve got it now.

“Only 110 ballots should be cast. If there are more, we’re in Tehran.”

8:44 – A speaker gets up. He’s some party functionary, but a good speaker. Please give anywhere between five and fifteen thousand dollars. There are only a couple of minutes left to vote.

8:55 – I think they’re counting ballots now.

8:59 – David Swann arrives.

9:10 – Avalon Roberts wins!

9:11 – David Swann is speaking. Stupid twitterfox is killing my internet. That’s what I get for piggybacking.


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