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I think that we can all agree that the debates are not something that is necessarily considered ‘must-see-TV’ by many Canadians, but that they are an important part of the election process. Viewership should be courted, not discouraged, which is what some particularly stupid decision is doing.

There are two debates scheduled for Thursday, October 1st. In English. On either side of the 49th Parallel. The United States Vice Presidential Debates and the Canadian Leaders Debate have been scheduled, respectively, for 8PM CDT and 9PM EDT (Times based on location of debate).

They’re taking place at the same time. Now, I don’t know how much of the debate viewing demographic is interested in Canadian politics to the exclusion of our Southern neighbors, but I can’t imagine that it is many, especially when the United States is going through one of the most exciting and important campaigns of its history. The Biden-Palin Debate involves a woman who has captivated the narrative in the US for weeks, as compared to our relatively pedestrian leaders who have to fight for news coverage with  their American counterpart at the best of times, let alone a once-in-a-campaign event.

There is still time to change the time of the Debate. Perhaps a September 30th debate, or a shift to one week later. Or holding it earlier. Or later. Really, something to allow people to watch both these events. Every person who watches the American debate is less informed on the Canadian campaign. The consortium is supposed to take the interests of Canadians into account. I think its in the interests of Canadians to watch the debate with as few major political distractions as possible.


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